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Library Catalog Search Tips
Welcome! To help make your searches more effective within the Library Books and Media catalog, try the following search tips.
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    Use this type of search if you know the title of your item, such as "Pride and Prejudice."
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Library Information

The library's collections may be used by all institution members. The library space is intended for use by students and staff of the institution..

To locate a book in the library, use the library's OPAC to search for the title, author, or subject. Once you find the book online, click on its detail link to access the location, call number, and status.

Each book is identified with its own unique call number. This number is used to locate the books on the shelves.

Check around the shelf section. Sometimes people put books back in the wrong order. This is why shelving accurately is a priority for librarians.

Ask a librarian. It may be waiting to be shelved, checked out or even missing. A librarian can help you find a suitable alternative if needed.

If you need help, ask our Reference Specialists at the Enquiry Desk. They can:

Guide you to the most appropriate material for your research

Advise you on how to access and use our printed and electronic collections most effectively

Help you to use our catalogues and answer your bibliographic enquiries

Suggest other libraries, archives and institutions that you might find useful in your research, or guide you to relevant websites and free online resources